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TriCon Environmental, Inc. Hospital Decon Redress Pak™
TriCon Environmental, Inc. Hospital Decon Redress Pak™
A decontamination redress kit that makes it easy and convenient for the single, multi or mass personal decontamination showering and redress. This kit is useful for any hazmat decontamination. A standard kit.

Just stage the pre-kit at the decon shower entrance and post-kit at the exit. This two package design allows convenient access to the components as they are needed during the decontamination showering process.

The Post-Kit and the Pre-Kit are both vacuum sealed and can be opened with EZ tear notches. Since the Hospital Decon/Redress Pack is vacuum sealed, it protects the Decon Pack from the elements and uses less storage space. Upon customer request, however, we can package the Decon Pack in plastic zipper bags.
  • Two Component Design
  • Dual ID System: One for Patient Tracking and One for Personal Property
  • Pre-Kit at Decon Entrance
  • Post-Kit at Decon Exit
  • Choice of Vacuumed Sealed Pak or Easy Zip-Open Pak
  • Small through 7X Sizes Available
  • Customization is only a phone call away

Pre-Kit Includes the Following
  • Lanyard with numbered ID tag
  • Personal items bag with matching number ID tag
  • Shower shoes
  • Bio-hazard collections bag
  • Washcloth
  • Soap
Post-Kit Includes the Following
  • Blue DuPont™ ProShield® Coverall
  • Towel

MFG Model #: D1105 - Part #: D1105 - Price per EA(1 unit): $22.16
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