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Effective 15 March 2007, our minimum order will be $100.00.

HICS Training

Hospital Incident Command System
Before we do any training, we spend time reviewing your existing emergency operations plan to see how you have structured your organization for emergencies.  We then review your risk & threat assessment, to determine what types of disasters and emergencies you need to plan most effectively for.  In most cases, we will discuss local concerns with your staff, as well as with local emergency management officials. Finally, once we arrive at your location, we review your physical plant, assess your emergency operations center capabilities and any concerns we may observe.
On-Site Training
Once we have collected all of our information, we then prepare a lesson plan tailored to fit your needs and desires.  Our training is scheduled to fit your needs, both in duration and scheduling.  Our training is never an off-the-shelf, standard package, but a truly custom program.  We provide information your staff can use and relate to.
NIMS Supplement
With the increased awareness of the role the National Incident Management system will play in the future, many hospitals have shown a desire to include a NIMS component in their HEICS training.  We can include NIMS as a part of your HEICS training, even including a full, 4 hour NIMS FEMA certification program.  Upon completion, all attendees who pass the final exam will receive a FEMA IS-700 certificate.
For Information
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