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3M FR-15 CBRN Canister While it looks impressive in movies when people come storming in with gas masks on without canisters attached; in reality, without the canisters/cartridges attached to the gas masks, they will suffer from the gas like everyone else. Do not forget these small but vital part of the gas mask. Also includes other respiratory accessories.

Kappler ChemTape® Chemical protection Accessories are used to help better protect you. Among the accessories that can be purchased are gloves, boots, chemtape, etc.

North K2 Hard Hat Safety Head Protection such as hard hats and bump caps are useful for those situations where there is the possibility of having something falling on your head.

North Illusion Safety Eyewear / Glasses Safety Eyewear is essential for those situations where sparks or any type of debris can potentially get into your eyes. We have many different styles to choose from.

Nitrile Glove A lot of chemical ensembles such as coveralls do not have hand protection. This is where our hand protection products come into play. Choose any of our hand protection products to cover your hands and protect them.

North 12" SF Chem Overboot To complete your chemical protection ensemble, you will need some foot protection. Not just any boot will do, so choose from our wide selection of boots that are made to protect your feet.

Emergency Response Barrier Tape All other Hazmat accessories that do not fit under the other categories will be here. Check it out to make sure you don't miss anything.