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Kappler Zytron® 300 Coveralls for PAPR
Kappler Zytron® 300 Coveralls for PAPR

Coveralls, zipper front, cotton collar and wrist, attached boots, elastic wrists, taped seams.

The Zytron® 300 series coveralls provides protection against toxic chemicals in military applications. Zytron® fabrics are engineered to provide military personnel and their equipment with chemical protection. These lightweight film composites are available in several styles, each demonstrating an increased level of chemical resistance ranging from hazardous particles to warfare agents. Chemical permeation data, per ASTM F739 test method, is available on over 200 chemicals and additional data is available for Sarin, Mustard and other warfare agents. Products made from Zytron® fabrics can be constructed without adhesive, using a unique sewn and heat sealed seam that is liquid and/or vapor proof. Applications for Zytron® include aircraft and tank covers, tents, shelters and contaminated remains bags.

For use in Hospital or Healtcare settings. Facilitates wear of a PAPR throught the removal of the hood from the suit and the addtion of a cotton collar. Wearing a PAPR does not require a hood, and actually a hood is a problem with a PAPR that is the whole point of the suit, just for use with PAPR's because of the cotton collar as oppose d to a hood, the PAPR already has a hood, and it is difficult to wear a PAPR with a hooded suit.

MFG Model #: Z3HC6 - Part #: S1000 - Price per CASE(6 units): $349.04
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